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Terms & Conditions

We proud to announce that we are 100% inventory controlled and when placing an order, that gear is being reserved just for you for 48 hours.
Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee stock for payments received after the 48 hours of submitting your order.

VERY IMPORTANT, if you need to make any changes to an order you have placed, just e-mail us and we will be happy to help you.
DO NOT place a new order since this will reserve more unnecessary stock for you that someone else could purchase.

Funds for orders received before noon (EST) Monday through Friday will ship within 3 business days of that day. Funds for orders received after noon EST) Monday through Friday will ship within 3 business days of the next business day.

Shipping questions:
Please do not contact us asking if your order has been shipped or when is it going out. We process an average of 120 orders a day and answering those unnecessary shipping questions takes valuable time, we could be spend on packing your order and getting it out to YOU... We have an amazing system in place that keeps you informed step by step to whats happening with your order and if we have questions, we will contact you.

You will receive an email informing you of your shipment date and confirmation number.
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRACKING YOUR PACKAGE WITHIN THREE (3) DAYS after it has been mailed and it is your responsibility to contact USPS if something went wrong. Keep in mind the return RETURN ADDRESS on your package does not exist for our safety.

Account accuracy: We make customer service our first priority. Please be sure the mailing address you have provided us with is CORRECT, as the RETURN ADDRESS on your package if fictional. Once your order leaves our hands we claim no responsibility for any lost packages. It is your responsibility to track and file a claim and/or make sure your package gets delivered to you.

DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS!!!!! If you have changes (like address, a new e-mail address or so..) to an existing account and you need our help, just e-mail us and we will take care of it. If you forgot your password or what e-mail you have used for your account, again just e-mail us and we be happy to help. We have a VERY SENSITIVE security system and if you should create a second account, the system will find it suspicious and both accounts will be under lock down till we find out what happened and we can fix the issue. By creating a new account you will lose all of your referral points or credits you have racked up, since they are NOT transferable.

We will reject any payments marked for any type of goods.
EMAIL VERIFICATION If you have a new account, you MUST verify your email address by clicking on the "verify my account" in the confirmation email that is sent to you. WE CANNOT PROCESS ORDERS THAT DO NOT HAVE VERIFIED ACCOUNTS.

WU & MG Payments:
VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! Read your payment instructions. Read the whole email, as it contains important information that will help you!
VERY IMPORTANT!!!!! Confirm with the WU or MG Agent that ALL requirements in your payment instructions are met. If just one is missing and our agent is not able to pick up your funds it will cost YOU another €20.00 for us to send the runner out again!!!